Contact lenses in Harlem

Contact Lenses in Harlem

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Keratitis in Harlem

Eye infections are troublesome, can be painful, rob you of vision temporarily, and present a threat to your ocular health in general. There is more than one type, each of which is linked to a specific part of your eye. Keratitis, associated with wearing contact lenses, impacts your cornea. At Broadway Vision Center, we make every effort to help you avoid getting keratitis, and to treat it if it does occur.

We are pleased to provide our contact lenses in Harlem, which improve your vision so that you see with the greatest sharpness and clarity possible. And if you follow a few basic guidelines for handling them, your experience with them is likely to be a positive one. Unlike with eyeglasses, your contacts touch your eyes directly. So any contamination that is on your hands, for example, will easily transfer to the lenses, and then quite possibly to your eyes. Be sure that your hands are clean any time you touch your contacts. Don’t use soaps that have lotions, perfumes, or oils in them. And dry your hands with lint free towels. If you wear makeup, remove it before you take out your contacts. In the morning, put them back in before you apply your makeup. This will limit any possibilities for makeup getting on the surface of the contacts. For cleaning our contact lenses in Harlem, use cleaning fluid, available here as well as in drug stores, most supermarkets, and many other retail locations. Never use water, not even distilled water, and under no circumstances should you use saliva.

By taking the above measures, you will be less likely to contact keratitis when wearing our contact lenses in Harlem. However, if you notice blurry vision, eye pain, over tearing, severe eye redness, sensitivity to light, or eye discharges, those are all possible signs of an infection, so reach out to us right away to schedule an examination.

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